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PRICE: $320


Want to be the Simone Biles in dance? Look no further because DCA is one of the best in combining acrobatic tricks into dancing. A dance is always more entertaining when you can pull off a stunt such as an Aerial or a Back Tuck. Our studio provides a safe space and safe training to learn and perfect these tricks. Train your acrobatic tumbling skills confidently here!

  • Conducive Class Size: 5-6 participants

  • Emphasis on safe learning environment. Individual attention and spotting will be provided for each student.

  • Basic Movements….

  • Intermediate Tumbling…

  • Progress to Acrobatic Tricks eg. Aerial Cartwheels, Front Hand Spring

  • Flexible and Dynamic syllabus adapted for each class to ensure a comfortable and effective learning pace for all students.

  • Our course is a progressive syllabus whereas our Open Session is a free-and-easy time for you to self-train.

  • Tumbling Instructor is certified with Singapore Coach Excellence Programme Integrated Level 

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